LP-A68Mini Amp

2 x 15W Mini Amplifier with Remote USB MP3 Media Card FM

Up to 15 watts of stereo power are on tap with the Lepai LP-A68. Additionally you will find included features such as: built-in FM tuner with collapsible antenna, MP3 decoding with USB and SD/MMC input, IR remote control, four EQ functions, and tone controls. Power supply included.

Product Details

Miniature Monster

This mini amp is a pint-sized powerhouse! At less than 3" deep, under 2" high, and just 6" wide, this little guy will fit almost anywhere. Think cigar box amp, briefcase boom box, tailgate turn up, party on the patio, all that sort of thing. But think those things with some really sweet extras.

Power + Provisions = Party.

In spite of its surprisingly small size, the LP-A68 packs enough punch to drive most speakers to satisfying sound pressure. 15 watts per channel, to be precise. And to provide the playlist for your party, you have a plethora of prerogatives from which to pick. On the front panel, conveniently located near the volume, bass, and treble controls, you'll find an SD/MMC card slot and a USB port. These may be used to play all your favorite MP3s. Just below, you'll see a row of buttons that control not only your digital files, but the built-in FM tuner as well. Score! And as we round the bend to see what's found, even more inputs and outputs abound. Spring terminal speaker outputs are here, in addition to RCA input jacks and a 3.5 mm input jack. And, to accommodate the 12 VDC power supply which is included, there's also a really swell power input jack. This oft-forsaken little gem is quite possibly the most important jack of the bunch, as without it, none of the other jacks work to much consequence.

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys - and Way Better Smelling!

By now, I'm sure your mind is reeling with all the possibilities this tiny amp presents. From the dorm room to dad's den, bedroom to the bar room, and anywhere in between. What will you dream up? Honor and glory await thee, O brave warrior. Vive la résistance! Vive Lepai!

Quick Facts

  • All-in-one amplifier with SD/MMC card and USB input
  • Up to 2 x 15W of output
  • Power supply, IR remote, and FM antenna included
  • 4-ohm stable
  • 12 VDC power supply included


Special FeaturesFM Tuner,USB Connectivity,SD Card Input,Remote Control
2 x 15W RMS
Power requirements12 VDC
DC power input jack2.1 mm x 5.5 mm
Stable down to 4 ohms
Minimum THD<1%
Signal-to-noise ratio>80 dB
Frequency response20-20,000 Hz
Input impedance47k ohms
FM tuner frequencies87.5 to 108 MHz
FM receiver sensitivity16 dB
FM signal-to-noise ratio60 dB
Channel separation39 dB
Dimensions (including mounting flange)6" W x 2-3/4" x 1-5/8" H