LP-2020TIMini Amp

Digital Hi-Fi Audio Mini Class D Stereo Amplifier with Power Supply

The Lepai LP-2020TI mini power amplifier provides 20 watts RMS of clean audio power to any set of stereo speakers. Harnessing technology from Texas Instruments, this amp is perfect for using on any desk, countertop, workbench, and even in DIY projects or mobile audio applications.

Product Details

A Tradition of Excellence

One would be hard pressed to name a more popular mini amp than the venerable Lepai LP-2020A+. The Tripath TA2020 amplifier chip reshaped the landscape of Class T amps, but is no longer available as new stock. Enter the Lepai LP-2020TI. Building on the incredible price/performance ratio of its predecessor, the LP-2020TI looks essentially identical to the original LP-2020A+, but includes significant improvements where it really matters: in the guts.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Built around the Texas Instruments TPA3118 Class D amplifier chip, this small amp generates 20 watts RMS per channel with very low distortion, and low energy consumption. A 12 VDC, 3A power supply is included with the amp, which musters enough wattage to satisfy most speakers. But the LP-2020TI is also able to run on a wide range of voltages, from 4.5 to 24 VDC, so it can be used in portable applications using as few as 3 AA batteries, or you can upgrade the AC power supply to fully unleash its potential.

Fabulous Features

This amp is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Just plug in your power supply, connect your speakers, connect a source device using either the 3.5 mm AUX input or stereo RCA jacks, turn it on and rock out. Customize your sound using the bass and treble controls or push the "Direct" button to bypass this tone circuit for a more pure listening experience. The oversized front knob controls the volume smoothly and is encircled by an array of blue light. Mounting tabs on the sides of this amp make it easy to securely mount this amp into turnkey DIY projects. Enjoy great sounding, easy-to-operate audio and more features than you would expect in an amp in this price range with the Lepai LP2020TI.

Quick Facts

  • Uses the Texas Instruments TPA3118 to produce clean, efficient audio with detail
  • Economical price and tremendous performer
  • Compact size makes this amplifier great for projects and DIY audio applications
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack connects easily to most any iPod, smart phone, or tablet
  • Use RCA jacks to connect to CD players, TVs, or streaming media players
  • Aluminum enclosure that is lightweight yet sturdy
  • 12 VDC, 3A power supply included


Power output2 x 20 watts RMS
Speaker impedance4-8 ohms
SNR>102 dB
Input impedance47k ohms
Frequency response20 Hz - 22 kHz
Input sensitivity200 mV
Minimum THD<0.1%
Dimensions4.72" D x 5.79" W x 1.65" H
Input100~240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Output12 VDC, 3A (minimum)
2.1 x 5.5 plug