LP7498EMini Amp

200W Class D Stereo Amplifier with Bluetooth aptX and Power Supply

Product Details

Raw Power with Refined Elegance

The Lepai LP7498E gives you the best of both worlds: sheer, unbridled power, and a simple sophistication. Based upon the TDA7498E Class D chip, this mini amp provides a profusion of output power without breaking a sweat. At the same time, it lends a touch of class to your audio system with a minimalist interface, and a clean, understated appearance.

Lepai Passion for Power

The TDA7498E is among the most efficient Class D power amplifier chips ever created. We centered this design around it, for maximum output power with minimal muss and fuss. At 100 watts per channel, you'll find the LP7498E capable of driving virtually any 8 ohm speakers to impressive, nay, even downright boisterous levels of volume.

Wired Sound Quality - Wireless Connection

Wireless connectivity is ubiquitous in today's world; we're basically bathed in Bluetooth. Most Bluetooth devices, however, leave much to be desired in regard to high fidelity sound. The LP7498E utilizes the aptX codec, which delivers CD-like sound quality with the lowest possible latency, giving you the best possible wireless audio experience.

And... It Looks Great!

There are many mini amps on the market, and many of them include great features, plenty of power, and so forth. But they look gaudy, garish, and sometimes, frankly amateurish. The LP7498E has a more graceful appearance, owing in large part to its simplicity of operation. Engage or disengage power, select wired or wireless input, and adjust the volume. Isn't that all you really need to do? That's why we included only those controls on the brushed aluminum faceplate. Add just a hint of laser-engraved designations, and you have a really clean interface that doesn't distract from your d├ęcor, or from your music. After all, it's really supposed to be about the music, isn't it?

Quick Facts

  • 200 watt Class D amplifier
  • Bluetooth atpX connection for high quality wireless music streaming
  • Compact size is perfect for home audio or multimedia systems
  • Power supply included


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